We create workout music mixes
for group training!

If you want always a new hit songs on your training, you are on the right place!

all mixed in 32 counts


What this mean?
It means that you will be able to download all my mixes for the special price charged monthly!
Can I download also previous mixes from website?
Yes! If you start this plan of membership, you will be able to download all my mixes from number 80 (mix 80, mix 81....) and all mixes that I will post in future!
How to pay for this membership?
Just click on a button below. Payment is via PayPal.
How much does it cost?
It is only 35 euro per month.

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What others say about me

  • Cool DJ with nice mixes! I like to work with Dejan because he is not only really good at his job but also because he is positive and honest with his clients!
    Christos Gabriel
    Fitness presenter from Greece
  • For all of us - Trainers, Presenters, Instructors the music is one of the most important thing! Dejan is the best engineer- Dj ? ? Maybe he has some IT code ? how to combine and choose the songs and to do the best mixes ? I love his work.
    Vasilena Popova-Radichkova
    KJ Trainer and Instructor from Bulgaria
  • At the beginning of my KJ career, I had a long period in which I constantly searched for good music for my workouts. When I discovered Dejan and his music, I decided to give it a try, and fortunately, I was extremely surprised and fascinated. The music he's making is unique, exciting and uplifting - always with the biggest trends and hits - I can enjoy the workouts and it makes me always smile. I love it and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
    Neti Georgieva
    Kangoo Jumps instructor from Bulgaria
  • Sanda Briciu workout music lab
    I started since a few months my collaboration with Workout Music Lab. I have to say, I didn't know what to expect. Music is for me one of the most important ingredients for a successful group fitness class. Also, I am an international Trainer and Fitness Instructor for almost 9 years now, which means that I have a very own, personalized TASTE IN FITNESS MUSIC already After 1-2 Customized Mixes made with Dejan Music Lab and a few conversations, explaining to him my style and wishes, he surprised me with a very quick understanding of my music preferences! I can totally observe how he comes closer and closer to my style and how amazingly he adapts to what I'm searching for in Fitness Music! ? This is the reasons why I sincerely recommend him as a great DJ for Fitness Music Mixes! ? Our collaboration is still "fresh", but I am so grateful and happy that I have found another great expert in this area. Thank you for your amazing work! ? You are awesome!
    Sanda Briciu
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Austria
  • eliza maria raum
    After a long recharge, I have a DJ who makes super mixes for the fitness world. His mixes are cut so that I make my customers happy!
    The mixes are powerful, dynamic, motivating and my customers are excited!!! Always the latest hits, always the newest songs from the world charts! I love it keep it up!
    Eliza-Maria Raum
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Germany
  • Tatiana Petrica Demiralp
    As a choreographer, my world is music and my Favorite Dj that I work with, and who understand my ,, language'' is Dejan! No mistakes, full of energy, full of power and creativity. Short: He Rocks!!!
    Tatiana Petrica Demiralp
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Cyprus
  • workout music lab kangoo club larisa
    Dejan Music Lab is simple the best!!!!!!!
    My favorite Mix is mix #73!!!!!
    Kangoo Club Larisa
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Greece
  • monika marcus workout music lab
    I like your powerful mixes, because they are so perfect for what we all do...sport ( Kangoo Jumps). He reacts to our orders very fast and that is remarkable! Thank you very much that you exist and do this. I wish you the best in all of you do. Respect Monika
    Monika Marcus
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Germany
  • workout music lab agnes biro
    Dejan Music Lab is one of the bst DJ I work with to mix my music for my Kangoo Power classes. He is very trustable!
    The mixes he makes is in a very short laps of time and he is very flexible about the BPM. You can find a wide range of music on his webpage.
    It is sure that you can find one which suits to ypur classe. It is also possible to order personal mix; you can send him the songs you prefer and he will mix them for you.
    Agnes Biro
    Kangoo Jumps Trainer Hungary

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