Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use a discount coupon?
When I give you a coupon for a discount, you just need to copy/paste it into the field for coupon. You can see that field on your CART PAGE.
I don't have Paypal. Can I pay you on bank account?
Basically, yes. But I prefer Paypal because it is the best online paying option, the most secure, the fastest and many of people around the world use it. But if you want, contact me and I will give you my IBAN to make your payment on my bank account.
How to order your mixes?
First, you need to go to my SHOP page and choose mixes that you like in the cart. Then, go to your CART page and click on Paypal button to pay. That is it! You paid your mixes and you got an email in your inbox (or spam) folder with download links.
I just bought your mix, but where is my mix? I did not receive any download link.
When you make your order, you will receive an email on your email address. Check your inbox or spam folder, there is an email with download links.
Can I get some discount if I want to buy more than one mix in one order?
Well, yes. To get discounts on my mixes, you need to order over 45 euro, and I will give you a discount coupon with 20% on total cart amount! Also, I have many promo actions with different types of discounts, but you need to follow my Facebook profile to see that.
Can I get 2 BPM version of mixes?
Yes. If you need a mix in 2 BPM version (for example you want to buy mix 76 in 136 bpm and 138 bpm version), I will give it to you for free! First, you need to buy mix here in one BPM version, and after that, send me a direct message on Facebook or an email, and ask me for another free version, and I will send it to you.